Call For Nominations
2023 CREW Miami Board of Directors

June 23, 2022

Take Part in the CREW Miami Leadership Team in 2023

Our goal is to assemble a dedicated, innovative, and motivated team that will continue to build and strengthen the Miami Chapter and in doing so contribute to CREW Network.

As part of our selection process you must complete the Application in its entirety and fully review the Acknowledgement and Agreement section. All persons interested, including current Board members and Chairs, must complete the Application, to confirm their interest and be considered. For full details regarding the nomination process, please review the Call for 2023 CREW Miami Board of DIrectors and Committee Nominations memo.

Please know that although you will not be expected to implement any initiatives until January 1, your duties regarding the planning and strategizing of initiatives will commence on October 1 of this year. All 2023 directors will be expected to attend CREW Miami’s monthly Board meetings starting in October of 2022.

Nominate yourself or any eligible member for as many positions as you like!

Completed forms should be returned to Jacqueline Cruz-Bustillo.

Deadline to Nominate is July 15, 2022.



Deadline to Apply is Aug. 1, 2022.