Professional Development and Education Committee

Consists of 2 subcommittees which organize and lead the following events: 

The UCREW subcommittee holds content-rich programs at Florida International University and University of Miami to foster interest in commercial real estate and related fields as career choices, particularly for women. Rotating chairs liaise with CREW Network prior to each event and report afterward, collaborate with university staff to determine venues, dates, schedules, and content. Tasks delegated to committee members include determining content and recruiting CREW-Miami members as presenters. Chairs coordinate all presenters and handle event content and logistics.

CREW Careers
The committee is most active in the beginning of each year. Members meet in person or via email. Each committee member can elect to present his or her specialty (commercial broker, interior designer, or construction lawyer, etc.) to a group of high school students.  The committee chooses a school to work with, then establishes the 6-to-8-week curriculum with a different topic each week. CREW members often create fun activities so the girls feel accountable and sessions are interactive. The final session is usually a field trip to a local venue where students can see first-hand what they were taught. The committee’s intent is to share CREW members’ knowledge of all facets of the commercial real estate industry with high school girls looking for career direction.



Committee Members

Board Liaison