Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality chair organizes committee members to host tables at luncheons and to serve liaisons for new members, to ensure a high-touch experience for each new member. The Recruitment Committee strategically reaches out to prospective CREW Miami members in order to increase membership in underrepresented professional categories, including, but not limited to, C-Suite industry professionals, brokers, and developers. The committee, along with its chair, are responsible for researching underrepresented categories and inviting prospective members to attend CREW Miami events. The chair organizes and tracks the progress of each prospect. The chair provides this list to the Membership & Hospitality Committee Director for presentation to the board. The board reviews the list and may offer suggestions for additional prospects to be contacted.

Time commitment:
Host Committee – Once a month, arrive early at luncheon to welcome attendees and serve as table host.
Liaison – Schedule one lunch or coffee per month with a new member.
Recruitment – Approximately 2 hours/month to research and contact new prospects.
Renewal Committee – Contact members to secure renewals from January to the end of February.


Business Development Manager, Juneau Construction Company

Committee Members

Board Liaison

Founder, Holly Cohen Retail Advisory Services, LLC