Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee welcomes new members upon joining CREW Miami and works to ensure their first year of membership is meaningful by ensuring they feel connected to the organization and are aware of all the events and benefits available to them at both the Chapter as well as the Network level.

Specifically, the Hospitality Committee reaches out to each new member after they have been Board approved and paid their membership fee. We welcome them (and meet with them when possible) to find out their goals and gauge their interest in being matched with a Liaison for their first year of membership.

Additionally, the Hospitality Committee organizes table hosts for the Chapter’s monthly luncheons, organizes an annual New Member Social, and re-connects with new members at the end of year to encourage them to renew their membership. The Hospitality Committee also acts as a resource to other Chapter Committees to assist in their efforts and goals.




Committee Members


Director of Business Development, JWR Construction Services